Power to you!

Coaching Jun 14, 2021

Welcome. We know you have options. And we are happy you are here. With perhaps thousands of sites, videos, blogs, podcasts, books and newsletters on the subject of agility, why do we need one more?

I guess we have a different viewpoint. We believe that things out there are unnecessarily extremely complex. Valuable money and time are spent with limited value and real change being introduced with the coaching work that is being done.

We believe in "Small moves. Big payoff's" - a limited set of small moves that count. Count extraordinarily. We don't believe in showing up with answers to your challenges.

Many organizations start with "methods" and so-called "frameworks" (which also end up being "methods" - wolf in sheep's clothing) providing answers without context. And leaving you with answers that they have also monetized with thousand's of other organizations. And continue to milk your organization for years to come. If they really taught you to change and sustain the changes then your organization would not need extensively in the future. Henceforth, the scratch my back game. One that continues perpetually.

We believe in offering you the ability to get acquire multiple perspectives on any idea, problem or challenge. And in the context of the situation learn what is required to be the best approach to the situation. By learning it.  And figuring out your multitude of options in that situation. Allowing you to pick one or more of the options that might be most valuable to you. One that allows you test the options, often enough. Cut off the options that are not conducive to you and to enhance the options that allow you to balance the best of what you are trying to do - address several dilemma's - customer centricity, quality, speed, team learning, innovation, risk management, stakeholder satisfaction all at the same time.

How do we do this? That is what this site and newsletter are about. Join us for the ride everyday. We will work to challenge your thinking and ours each day. And while at, we will not talk about stories of change, potentially options and strategies, ideas from other companies that you could steal and experiment in your context and always think of "Small moves" with "Big payoff's"

Power to you!


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