Say "No" to Goals

Goals Jul 16, 2021

It is an interesting concept. Don't have goals at all. Is that even feasible? Read on...

Today's story is on Max Verstappen, the Red Bull F1 driver. He does not dream or think ahead. In fact, all his focus on execution. What he is doing today.

One would argue that goals help:

  • So one could have goals like I want to win this F1 season.
  • Which will translate to I would like to win the British Grand Prix.
  • Which would translate to a smaller goal of I want to qualify top of the pack.
  • Which would translate to I would like to be the best at practice
  • Which would translate to I would like to get a great lap
  • And that would lead to I would like to drive to the next corner well and do well on the next straight...
  • and that leads to I want to drive better now! - which is not really a goal, but current action, the basis of all the above goals being met, eventually.

Of course it is obvious that if you are in a sport you want to win. But just focusing on winning does not get you to win.  Goals are not going to get you there. So, Max does not focus on it. He focuses on execution.

When the man and the machine are at the very best and works at the intersection of the situation of that day and luck, the results are what it would be.  So, it is interesting Max focuses only on getting better. Bettering his driving. Bettering his strategies. Practice, practice and more practice. Feedback to the race mechanics and engineering team to work with them on improvements to the car, its balance, its performance characteristics, etc. And then, focus on execution and practice. To improve and get better. The hallmark of what makes winning possible.


‘I don’t like to dream or think ahead’
Max Verstappen might be expected to be feeling the pressure, but the Red Bull driver is coolness personified as he prepares for the British GP.


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