Product Management is priority management

Product Management Jul 25, 2021

Your Product Management is actually not managing your Product, Service or experiences. It is just priority management. Where you prioritize to spend your energies are what your product is going to evolve to. Hence it is all about priorities.

Product Management is nothing but strategic priority management in action!

When I mean priorities, I mean a focused approach on the priority of a strategies that would mean the most value for that product at that point in time. This means several things that are required to fall into place for this to happen.

  • A basket of Product strategies, ordered in what could be the most impactful.
  • The most impactful product strategies converted into action that could validate these strategies.
  • An ability to delegate these strategies to teams so that smallest possible validation could be put into action.
  • An ability to validate these strategies in the shortest possible time that indeed these are the ones worth pursuing and they are capable of providing the impact being looked for. This is by shipping the product often enough to create the goals impacts that were expected.

Generally project management practices are used. When such an approach is made, the focus is on resource efficiency and not on impact efficiency. Impact efficiency is realized with an iron-clad focus on the strategies that product impact and nothing but.

What is true for organizations and products are true for humans too. We could extrapolate the same as "We are what we take action on!"

We are what we act on. (or not act on)


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